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Keeping your website secure protects your business, your brand and most importantly your customers.
We see security as something your website should never be without. We’re experts in website security and SSL certificate installation in NZ. Buying SSL certificates and installing them can be particularly confusing if you’re not technical, so we handle the whole process for you from start to finish.

Every website is secure

We believe that every website should be secure so we build security into every website we create. If you’re a Trafik client then security certification comes as standard. We also offer enhanced security packages for eCommerce clients and those who are searching for additional features.

If you have an existing website then why not ask us to talk you through the security options that we have available. We can quickly explain the features and benefits of adding security to your site, and make it happen for you without delay.

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Website security benefits businesses and customers alike. The only people who don’t benefit from secure websites are crooks and scammers. That’s why SSL certification is so important to Search Engines: because they don’t want to promote a website that could represent a risk.

The fact is that adding HTTPS to your web address with security certification comes with a wealth of benefits. HTTPS websites load faster, making for a more streamlined user experience. You’ll also be boosted up the search engine rankings and perform better than competitors who haven’t invested in the right security.

Security certification also opens the door to some great mobile features that are not enabled for websites that are not secure. You can enjoy higher conversion rates and lower rates of shopping cart abandonment because your HTTPS status builds trust with your customers.

Browsers now label websites without security certificates as ‘Not Secure’ in the browser window. That’s not a message that anyone wants to see next to their brand. If trust is important to your relationship with your customer then it’s important that your business has been authenticated and your website is secure.

If you would like to delve into the details around Security Certification you can read more here. Otherwise, our experts are ready to help you integrate security into your website.

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Move your website to be hosted with Trafik and we’ll help you to take care of your security needs. Not every provider believes in the importance of security on your website. If you’re looking for someone who does you’ve come to the right place.

Combine our website hosting with website security and you can enjoy a rock solid package that will ensure your customers get the most from the online experience you invest in.

Our Website Hosting backs up your website every night, so you can be sure your data is in safe hands. We also update all of your plugins and coding as required, ensuring your customers always enjoy an optimal performance from your site.

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We build beautiful websites so you can sell your product or service online. Because we’re experts in security, we can help you to convert leads into sales and use the right security package to build trust with your customers. Be confident that when you collect your customer’s details no one else will.

Trafik recommends Shopify for eCommerce websites. We believe that Shopify offers the tools you need to maximise security at check out, reducing the risk of shopping cart abandonment and allowing you to make the most of sales opportunities.

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