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Search Engine Optimisation sounds complicated but it doesn’t need to be. At Trafik, we focus on making it easy to understand what needs to happen so that your customers can find your website. We’re proven professionals when it comes to doing SEO in Napier, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Gisborne and all across NZ – we’ve got the best talent in the country to power your climb up the organic search rankings.

What is
Search Engine Optimisation

For your website to be successful it needs to be easy to find. Search Engine Optimisation matches the content within your website to the information your customers are searching for. Outside your website, links from trusted sources build your website’s authority. The end aim of working with an SEO company is to improve your website’s ranking in organic web searches.

How long do SEO Services take to work?

SEO isn’t something that happens overnight. We plan, execute, refine and execute again. By continuously evolving your SEO we keep your website fresh, relevant, and interesting for your customers. We also build your relevance and authority with search engines like Google, encouraging them to promote you in their organic search rankings.

Depending on the results you’re looking for, we’ve developed a range of SEO packages that will make a significant difference to your organic search engine ranking and drive customers to your website.

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After only working with Jodi and Jono for three or four months we’ve now had sales directly from the website. That’s after more than three and a half years of not getting one sale. We’ve also had a lot more foot traffic; and much more important to me is that we’re finally ranking and we’re almost verified on Google as well.

Laura Kerr – Ecoefficient Ltd

How does your website perform?

Our evaluation process allows us to identify the elements of your website that are performing well, and those that aren’t.

Are you relevant?

Whether you’re building your website with Trafik or you’ve already created it elsewhere; we start the SEO process with a focus on relevance. Search engines use algorithms to match websites to the words entered in their search fields. The more relevant you are to the search term, the higher you will rank on the page.

We can work with you to adapt your content to improve your relevance. Our aim is to drive more customers to your website to buy your product or service.

The bigger your audience the harder it is to stay relevant. We can help you to identify your target audience and build a website that is rich in the information that your customers are looking for.

Once we’ve identified who your customers are, we can narrow down what your customers are looking for. We do this by working with you and analysing your competitors to identify key words and phrases. Then we take this keyword research and build these phrases into the content on your website.

Do you have authority?

If a search engine recognises you as an expert you’re more likely to rank well. Your website is considered an expert when traffic is directed to your website from external sources. The more trusted the source, the better the impact on your authority. This is known as ‘off-page SEO’.

We can work with you to build the authority of your website by creating the links and traffic that you need to be considered an expert. Working on the SEO of your on page content is only part of the picture. If you want to appear on page one of the organic search rankings then authority is key.

Why not contact a member of the Trafik team today and find out more about our SEO Packages. We can help you structure the right programme to deliver results for your business.

Increase your visibility with Google Ads

SEO changes don’t always happen overnight. If your business needs to make its presence felt online, we can help you connect with customers through Google Ads.

Google Ads are targeted to your audience and help you to appear in Google even before you appear in organic searches. The Trafik team can build and evolve your Google Ads campaign and deliver the best results for your business. We’re Google Partners, so we know exactly how to structure your campaign for the best return on your investment.

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Connect with content

Great content can both inform your customers and build your brand. If your target audience is looking for information then we can help you to tell the story of your business for maximum impact. All with the added benefit of being great for your SEO.

From website copy and photography to blogging and newsletters. Find out more about our content management plans today.

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