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We can grow your business with Google Ads

Trafik is a certified Google Partner with team members trained and qualified to create and manage your advertising campaigns. We’re experts at creating effective, profitable Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) for NZ businesses. We’ve created successful Google AdWords campaigns for clients in Hasting, Napier, Hawke’s Bay, Tauranga and all across New Zealand.

What are Google Ads?

google partner search ads and mobile ads

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to put your business in front of your customers: Google Ads does it. We place your text ads next to Google searches that you identify as relevant to your business.

Google advertising can simple in principle but more challenging in practise. To be effective you need to not just identify the right words and phrases to focus on, you also need to be clear on your target audience and create the right wording for your ad.

If you want your campaign to be effective and drive the right kind of leads, it helps to have an expert to call upon..

That’s where Trafik can help.

The team at Trafik has over 20 years collective experience with Google Ads management alone. Trafik is a Google Partner, which means our team members are trained, qualified and certified experts. We design and implement Google Ad campaigns that deliver great results.

We can help you set up your campaign in order to maximise the potential results for your business. We understand the process so we know exactly what you need in order to be effective. These Ads are most effective when they are continuously managed, reviewed and tweaked so you get the most from your campaign.

Trafik will work with you to understand how your advertising campaign connects with your website. We can help you convert your leads with landing pages that are targeted to your adverts, making your message as relevant as possible when customers arrive on your website.

With sophisticated targeting we can put your company’s message in front of your target audience in the right place, at the right time.

Remarketing allows you to communicate with customers who have already visited your website. It offers a cost-effective way to increase your conversion rate from lead to customer. Improve the return on investment from your advertising campaigns by adding remarketing on Google Ads or on Facebook advertising.

Google Ads more than covered their own cost with the revenue they’ve brought into the business. 18% of Admin Army’s turnover in Q1 of this year came from Google Adwords, and since we reintroduced Google Adwords the overall turnover of Admin Army has increased by 175%.

Irene Bennetts | Admin Army

What are the opportunities for your business?

If Google Ads sounds like something you would be interested in, contact our team today for more information. Whatever you need to achieve with Google Ads, Trafik has a package to suit your business.

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