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We work in partnership with our clients to design and develop ecommerce websites that function just like a member of your sales team – except they never need to take a day off. You can just sit back and enjoy the positive impact of 24/7 sales on your bottom line.

Sell to everyone, everywhere

E-commerce offers your business endless possibilities. The power of selling online – whether products or services – is that you can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as you can reach your customers, you can sell your product or service to them anywhere in the world.

Access years of eCommerce expertise

Trafik prefers Shopify for eCommerce websites. We believe it gives our clients maximum flexibility and the most options if you want to adapt, track, or secure your customer’s shopping experience.

Our eCommerce web development team have over 20 years of experience creating high performing solutions for our clients. On top of that, we’re experts in marketing ecommerce sites, with some of the most effective eCommerce and Shopify SEO packages available in NZ.

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From the point they arrive on your website through to the post checkout experience, Trafik can create a smooth sales process for your customers. User experiences that focus on the needs of your target audience help to reduce bouncerates and shopping cart abandonment, and turn one off purchases into repeat business. Our aim is to keep your customers coming back for more.

We can adapt your website for unique experiences like training sessions and online forums. If you want to manage subscriptions or add loyalty programmes as well as one-off purchases we can easily configure your ecommerce website to meet your needs.

We believe in the power of automation. An ecommerce website offers you the chance to streamline the sales process for your customers and for your business. That’s why we focus on connecting your ecommerce website with your inventory management system, so you’re always working in real time and can make sure you have the stock you need to fulfil purchases.

My company Archeus launched at the end of 2013. My initial Shopify site was lovely and served me well, but over time Archeus had evolved and by the middle of 2017 it was no longer simply a business that prided itself on its artisan approach of working with nature and traditional wisdom to handcraft natural and organic skincare products, but we were also working with medicinal plants to create textiles and bedlinen; and in addition, I had started running workshops and they had taken off. So I needed a website that was more able to tell the story of Archeus, celebrate nature and enable me to harness the power of images and (down the track) video and other tools to effectively tell the story of what we do. It needed to be visually compelling and create space for story-telling while still working as a superb e-commerce site. Jodi at Trafik did a fantastic job of taking my ideas and thoughts and making them happen. I love the way the site lets me tell stories about everything from our products to the conservation work we do. I have had many comments on how striking the new website is. I feel that Jodi has created a structure that will continue to grow with the business. I am delighted and she and the rest of the team at Trafik were a dream to work with.

Georgina – Archeus

The power of communication

We can connect your website with CRM, email communication tools like Mailchimp, and social media. Sell where you want, when you want, and make sure your communications are automated and streamlined to exactly what your customers need to know. The easier you make your sales process, the easier it is for your customers to come back for more.

We work with you to map your communication processes and identify which tools you need to increase your sales or drive repeat purchases. Promotions, new product launches, additional services. Let’s explore the information you need to share and we can help you to find the optimal way to keep your customers up to date.

Remove the guesswork from being successful online

Trafik believe in delivering great results for our customers online. We include Google Analytics on all of our websites and we take the time to make sure you know how to use it.

Both Google Analytics and Shopify allow you to carefully monitor and track the success of your website. They also provide the data we need to be able to evolve your website to increase sales.

Contact us today and start tracking your online success.

Connect with new customers

Trafik are experts at communicating online. We can help you to use smart eCommerce digital marketing tools to connect your target audience with your website.

Whether you want to build a relationship or it’s time to communicate an offer. We can find the digital marketing solution that matches your needs.

Find out more about Digital Marketing and Trafik.

Increase your visibility with Google Ads

SEO changes don’t always happen overnight. If your business needs to make its presence felt online, we can help you connect with customers through Google Ads for your eCommerce store.

Google Ads are targeted to your audience and help you to appear in Google even before you appear in organic searches. The Trafik team can build and evolve your Google Ads campaign and deliver the best results for your business. We’re Google Partners, so we know exactly how to structure your campaign for the best return on your investment.

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Connect with content

Great content can both inform your customers and build your brand. If your target audience is looking for information then we can help you to tell the story of your business for maximum impact. All with the added benefit of being great for your SEO.

From website copy and photography to blogging and newsletters. Find out more about our content management plans today.

eCommerce SEO packages

From content management and keywords through to authority and click-juice. If you need your website to be found then our Shopify and eCommerce SEO packages provide a comprehensive service to move you up the organic rankings. Find out more about our SEO expertise and how we can help your business to be found by your customers.

Google Ads

Trafik is a Google Partner. We’re more than qualified to maximise the investment you make in any Google Ads campaign. Google Ads is an effective way to place your website in front of your customer when they’re searching for your product or service.

Talk to us today about tailoring a Google Ads campaign to your needs.

Facebook advertising and social media

If you have a story or news to share, social media can be a great place to share it. Our Social Media marketing campaigns for eCommerce can place you in front of your target audience with meaningful messages and strong reasons to take action. All of our social media marketing is targeted, tracked and managed for maximum return on investment.

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