Case study Napier Port

When Napier Port decided it was time for a new website, they chose Trafik to create it.

We took some time to chat with Napier Port’s Communications Advisor, Breanna Cullen, to find out whether the website that Trafik has created has lived up to expectations.


The Questions we asked

  • Why did Napier Port need a new website?

    Breanna: We saw an opportunity to use our website to share the real face of Napier Port with our customers and the community that we are part of. The website is our chance to give people a window into what we do and how we do it.

  • Why did you choose Trafik to build your website?

    Breanna: We chose Trafik because we recognised they had both the capability we needed and they could give us the value we were looking for. When you meet Jodi, it doesn’t take very long to realise that she’s incredibly clever and a talented, capable individual. Her can-do attitude made the difference for us.

  • What kind of challenges did you face?

    Breanna: Our website is very unique to our business and we faced a few challenges along the way. Whenever we hit an obstacle, Jodi dealt with it and seemed to really enjoy finding the right solution. She’s definitely got a brain that just loves finding the solution to problems.

    We had a number of unusual technical needs. For example, we have a host of scientific buoys that are deployed in the harbour to measure currents, waves and wind, amongst other things. In the Environment section of our website we wanted to have a dashboard that made that information publicly available for our community.

    Jodi worked hard to build a beautiful dashboard that’s working really well. We’re now looking to add more information to it as we expand the scientific monitoring that we’re doing.

  • Are you happy with your new website?

    Breanna: Yes! Our people are really proud of our new website. It’s an incredible showcase of what we do and how we do it. It’s the most fantastic resource for us and provides an incredibly valuable channel for communication – it’s like a working member of our team.

    We’ve had great feedback across the board and we’re really proud to see it being held up as an example of best practice in communications. It’s also been a great tool for people considering a career at Napier Port – many of our new recruits have told us that it gave them a real insight into who we are and what it’s like to work here.

    One of the real strengths of Trafik is that they understand the functionality of a website while also bringing a beautiful clean approach to design and a determination to get all the tiny details exactly right. That’s a combination that’s hard to find. The website really feels like a reflection of who we are.

  • How do you plan to manage the website going forward?

    Breanna: Now that we’ve created the new website, it will continue to evolve and we’ll keep working with Trafik to build bigger and better features. Jodi was a great teacher for our team and made sure we were all well-versed in the backend and what it takes to keep content up to date. We’ll continue to focus on keeping the website fresh and evolving with new content at all times.