Case study MYLk Food Store

For Kristy Isaacson, founder and owner of Mylk, her website is an important part of her sales and communication toolkit.

We asked Kristy to take 5 minutes out of her busy schedule to give us some feedback on working with Trafik to build her new website.



  • Why did you decide to change your website?

    My original website wasn’t user-friendly for ecommerce and it was built on a free platform really just to get us up and running. I knew there was no longevity in that website. I needed something that was sharper. I wanted a website that was easy for people to use from their mobiles or however they wanted to use it.

  • Why did you choose Trafik?

    Jono emailed me and got my attention – I liked the fact that he was both clever and funny and that made me want to work with him. I did get three different quotes and proposals but with Trafik I liked the fact that I got to speak directly with Jodi, because she was the one who was going to build and develop the website. It was good to know what I was saying wasn’t going to get lost in translation by going through someone else first.

  • What did you want to achieve from the changes you made to your website?

    To drive more traffic eCommerce-wise. We’re probably doing 10 times as much through the website now than we were. That was instant with the new site. Trafik made the process really easy.

    Jodi made it really easy to get all of our products up and online and without me having to get too involved. I don’t have a lot of spare time so it was a real bonus that Jodi project managed the whole process. I had lots of photography already and Trafik created the copy and brought it all together to make the eCommerce really work.

  • What has been the biggest success of your new website?

    The eCommerce I really love because I love looking at numbers and understanding where my customers are coming from, and how products are selling.

    Shopify is great like that. It will tell me where customers have come from and how many times it takes for a customer to visit my website before they convert.

    It links perfectly with my vend point of sale and it’s really easy for me to make changes and change products: I can just do it from home and it’s a five minute process. The apps that you can use alongside Shopify that tie in with my website if I want to add something – like countdown clocks for ordering – are just uber-easy to use. I’ve been able to take the website and evolve it as my business changes.

  • How do you plan to promote the website going forward?

    I’ve been working with Jono on Google Ads and it’s been really successful so far in bringing more traffic to the website from out of town. Jono and I are meeting once a month to go through the report so I can understand what’s working well and how we can keep getting new people coming through.

  • What kind of feedback have you had on the website?

    The feedback has been very positive. The website is really easy to navigate and we’ve kept the layout as simple as possible. We keep our photography really fresh and change the images out regularly. We make it really easy for people to find the information they need whether they’re browsing on a mobile or even if they aren’t used to shopping on websites. I think it’s fresh and modern and I’m just really pleased with it.

Key FActs


Increase in sales!