Case study Eco Efficient

When you’ve invested in your website; it’s important that it works. So it’s really frustrating when discover you can’t find it online. It means your customers won’t be able to find it either.

That was the situation for Laura Kerr from Ecoefficient Ltd. when she initially approached Trafik. She wasn’t ranking in organic searches and the website that she had spent a lot of money on wasn’t delivering any returns.

“We’ve been in business three and a half years. Our website was set up from the start for lead generation and to give customers information about the product that we sell. A friend created the website to look good but hadn’t set up the coding behind the scenes.

When we discovered that our website wasn’t showing up [in searches], we went to an agency to help. They said they would do some coding and some auditing, and fix the SEO. There was no way for me to test that what they were saying had been done but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

So we went to a second agency and had the same experience again. We ended up doing a lot, including Google Adwords, and we ended up paying a lot of money – probably over $25,000 across the two agencies – for all those different types of marketing without ever getting a sale from our website. And the problem still wasn’t fixed.”

Laura nearly gave up hope that she could find someone she could trust to fix her website. Even though Laura’s partner had put a stop on all further website spend – because it just wasn’t making any difference – a recommendation to try Trafik gave Laura some hope.

“Trafik offered to do an audit on the website and see if they could spot what was wrong. Within 3 hours of starting work they found some major issues and quickly fixed them. The website started ranking in searches the next day.

After only working with Jodi and Jono for three or four months we’ve now had sales directly from the website. That’s after more than three and a half years of not getting one sale. We’ve also had a lot more foot traffic; and much more important to me is that we’re finally ranking and we’re almost verified on Google as well.

I’m happy to pay for services that are really high quality. I wouldn’t change from Trafik because of the high quality of service I receive. I’ve got so much on my plate, I don’t have time to add website design and website optimisation to my list. Because I trust Trafik I’m totally happy to leave it to them.”

Laura is now in the process of fine tuning her SEO thanks to an optimisation package run by Trafik. The package involves reviewing keywords, refining content, and improving the off page status of the website by building its authority. The results so far speak for themselves and it’s easy to see why Laura is happy with her choice.

Trafik are proud to have supported Laura and Ecoefficient Ltd on their SEO journey. We look forward to continuing to support Laura online and watching her business go from strength to strength.

Unfortunately, investing in a website and then finding out it doesn’t appear in organic searches is more common than it should be. If you are struggling to get your website to appear in online searches, or your customers can’t find you, contact Trafik.

We can evaluate your website and identify what’s wrong, then help you to improve your SEO and start generating leads from your investment online. Contact us today to find out more.

Key FActs


Increase in sessions to the website.


Increase in leads to the business.