Case study Admin Army


Admin Army provides administrative support and bookkeeping services to businesses who need a helping hand. If you’re interested in finding out more about Admin Army you can visit their website at or give Irene a call on 027 314 5067.

Trafik worked with Admin Army to create a new website for their business.


The Questions we asked

  • Why did your business need a new website?

    Irene: Prior to developing this site, I had built my own website on Squarespace and I had really positive feedback from people about it. But because I had no understanding of how people interact with websites, there weren’t a lot of calls to action there.

    When I started doing some Google Adwords advertising I wasn’t really seeing any results from it. I sat down with the Trafik team to drill down into what the issues were. We found that even though I got great feedback from people about the site, the bounce rate was at about 90%. So I was effectively just throwing money away on advertising.

  • Did you decide to create a new website straight away?

    Irene: No, first we tried doing some tweaks and changes. Jodi at Trafik explained to me that there are things you can do to improve content on your website: like increasing the number of calls to action, linking on keywords, just adding in more links in general. But the changes I made didn’t have enough impact, and my website is an important part of my business toolkit. I decided it was time to invest in a new website.

  • You built your first website yourself, were you tempted to build this new website?

    Irene: It’s so easy as a small business owner to try and do everything yourself. What I realised is that the team at Trafik have a rich group of skill-sets that it would take me ages to acquire myself. And while I’m not worrying about all those things it frees me up to do other things that are important to pushing my business forward.

  • Now your new website is live – are you happy with the way that it looks?

    Irene: Trafik were definitely the right people for the job. Jodi has really helped me to understand the importance of bringing our brand to life online, and what we needed to do to connect with customers on both a professional and personal level.

    From a branding perspective it was important to have our own photography. Using a professional photographer was great because there were so many ideas about how we could use shots to best showcase what Admin Army offers.

    We also really benefited from investing in the copywriting service. It’s really hard when you’re in your own business to write about it yourself. Having access to a professional copywriter gave me the chance to put a fresh spin on what we do. It also allowed me to benefit from expertise – like knowing to write the content from the end user’s perspective, rather than writing about me and what my offering is.

  • So how is your new website performing?

    Irene: Our website is very successful, and we’re proud of the results. Our bounce rate has dropped significantly and customers are now interacting much more with the content across our pages.

    Following the launch of the new site we’ve turned our Google Ads back on, and they’ve more than covered their own cost with the revenue they’ve brought into the business.

    18% of Admin Army’s turnover in Q1 of this year came from Google Ads, and since we reintroduced Google Ads the overall turnover of Admin Army has increased by 175%.

Key FActs


of Admin Army’s turnover in Q1 of this year came from Google Adwords


reduction in the bounce rate of the new website in comparison to the old website (Increasing users interacting)


increase in page views of the new website in comparison to the old website


increase in average session duration of the new website in comparison to the old website