About Us

We are Trafik.

Trafik is a team of highly skilled people who work together to provide digital services to your business.

We’re located across New Zealand and Australia, with our hub based in Hawke’s Bay.

Why choose Trafik?

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We grow your business online.

Our starting point is to understand what you want to achieve. We’ll help you to focus your energy by creating a strategy then develop a toolkit of services that deliver results. We can support your marketing team or simply offer you access to our resources when you need them.

We make it easier to connect.

The Trafik team bring together web development and design skills, along with a detailed understanding of all things Google. That means we’re well placed to build or redesign your website with a smart infrastructure that delivers trackable results. 

We’re great communicators.

We know it’s not easy to manage a business and maintain a conversation with your customers at the same time. From your photography to your monthly newsletter, from blogging to social media; we’ve got your content covered.

We make it easier to demonstrate the value of investing online.

We’re not just about the ideas, we’re also hooked on delivering great results. That means we’ll be working behind the scenes to make sure you understand how hard your money is working for your business.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to connect with Trafik then call Jono today. He will begin by finding out more about your business. Once he’s identified how we can help, he’ll build your Trafik team based on the expertise you need.

Together, we’ll help your business achieve results online.

Contact Jono